Security Camera Users Banned From US Government Contracts

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The US government released a prepublication of interim on Monday, June 13th to announce a ban on federal government contracting with companies using security products sold by the Chinese-based brands Dahua, Huawei, and Hikvision.

Federal agencies are now barred from working with entities using these brands. The clause requires contractors to perform a “reasonable inquiry” to provide proof that banned equipment or services are not in use before joining government projects. The statement notes that goods produced by the disclosed Chinese companies pose national security threats.

This means your business’s security cameras could be considered a national security threat and essentially illegal by the US government.

Additionally, the blacklist clause states that government contractors may face contract termination if they do not immediately remove Dahua, Huawei, and Hikvision surveillance products. this includes integrators who maintain these products for other companies. As a result, integrators who installed these “covered services” years ago at a small local business now are at risk of being banned.

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These requirements also apply to product parts that Dahua, Huawei, and Hikvision provide to alternative security camera producers. For example, Honeywell security camera users now face blacklisting due to the existence of a Huawei HiSilicon chip within the cameras. This leaves millions of security cameras and surveillance products across the US non-compliant.

In the statement, the US government says the clause will bring “significant national security benefits to the general public” and is “protecting the homeland” from equipment or services that act as a threat to national security.

The rule goes into effect one month from the announcement on August 13, 2020.

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