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IP Surveillance

Hexis staff are experts in Security Systems, having installed thousands of cameras.

We support the latest generation of IP Video technologies including motion detection & tracking, long-range infrared, and heat-sensing night vision options.

Our IP Video Platform can also be backed up using the same backup and replication technology as any other custom application, allowing for fast recovery and efficient and inexpensive cloud backups.

We support all legacy brands, with a focus on bringing your video security systems up to par with modern threats in a structured, cost-effective fashion that minimizes impact on the budget and maximizes impacts on performance and usability. With creative solutions, we can often make use of existing cabling, conduit, and enclosures.


We support most brands and vendors including:









Cameras Anywhere

Our cameras can be installed almost anywhere. From remote mountain tops with no power or internet to the inside of high-end shopping malls, we can and have installed cameras everywhere.

We Solve Problems - Not Create Them

We will work on your existing systems, and offer options that include phased migration into new IP systems. While many companies will only quote complete replacement, we will work with what you have, and your budget to achieve the best possible solution.


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