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The risk to small and medium business has never been higher. Cyber Security threats against US businesses have been increasing over the last decade, with many businesses not properly keeping up to date with the the changes. Then covid happened – everyone suddenly went from firewalled corporate offices to employees working from their homes and coffee shops. This sent Cyber Criminals off on an absolute feeding frenzy. While many businesses were just starting to realize the effects of this, the Russia – Ukraine war began and sent Cyber Attacks through the roof again, reaching levels never seen before in history.

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Step #1 - Cyber Security Risk Assessment (Identify)

When is the last time your company has had a Cyber Security Risk Assessment?
1 year? 2 years? Never?
Cyber Attacks have Skyrocketed since 2016.
Cyber Attacks Skyrocketed AGAIN in 2020.
It shows no sign of slowing down.
The first step in developing any type of Cyber Security plan for your business is to identify the existing risks by doing a Cyber Security Risk Asessment
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Regulatory Compliance

Are you a CPA? Travel advisory? Car dealership? Real estate appraiser? Chiropractor? Dentist?

Did you know that your business has to comply with federal regulations on Cyber Security and handling of sensitive customer data?

Hexis Consulting has put tons of time and energy into studying the ins and outs of regulatory compliance for Gramm Leach Bliley (FTC Safeguard Rules), HIPAA, CMMC and many other regulatory frameworks in order to make sure our clients are compliant and up to date on the latest rules for their industry.

Cyber Insurance Review

Does your business have Cyber Insurance? When is the last time you actually read your policy?

Over the course of the past few years, we have noticed increasingly stringent Cyber Insurance policies, but what we have also noticed is that nobody is actually reading them, including the insurance agents and the client.

This often results in a situation where you are paying for Cyber Insurance that may not actually cover you in the event of a claim. One of the unique steps that Hexis takes is that we actually read your Cyber Insurance policy and make sure that we are checking all the boxes that are necessary to satisfy your insurance policy. 

Cyber Insurance