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We're Hexis Consulting, a technology company that does things a bit differently..... 

Our Story and Vision

Before founding Hexis Consulting 4 years ago, we all worked in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to IT for school districts, to the cloud. The one thing that we noticed among all of these industries was that none of them seemed to have the right solution. Sure, projects moved forwards, problems were solved, obstacles overcome and ultimately goals were met, but the process to get there was often long, painful and uncertain. The stress experienced along the way by both technical and non-technical staff was often immense and resulted in constant turnover.

This is where Hexis Consulting aims to make things different than any technology company you've dealt with before.  We believe that when you hire Hexis Consulting, the stress of managing your technology should be instantly relieved. We sit down with you and identify the points at which you struggle in your business and what the causes of daily technology related stress are in your company. We then set about making a plan to resolve those issues.

The end result we strive for is that you get to come to work everyday with a smile on your face, ready to tackle the challenges that you are well suited to deal with - that is your business and your customers. Meanwhile, we can do the same, coming in everyday with a smile on our face to take care of you, the customer.

Our Team

Our Team is definitely not what you might find at a typical managed service provider. Our core technician's experience has its roots not only in providing Managed IT Services to customers but in managing the infrastructure that lies underneath. Not only does Hexis Consulting and it's technicians have significant experience in consulting for other IT Companies, Managed Service Providers, Internet Service providers, and Telephone companies, but several of our staff have direct experience in starting, running, working for and managing an internet service provider.

This valuable experience has given us the knowledge to know why problems may be occurring even when they are beyond the scope of what a normal IT service provider might handle and to push back on internet providers, cell phone companies, TV providers, e-commerce platforms and other vendors that you may need to use as a normal part of your business in a strategic and knowledgeable way. We have, in several situations, come into a company where they have had poor internet or connection issues for months or even years, and with a few phone calls and some work on our end, we will have identified the problem and pressured the company to fix their problems. By having this extensive knowledge of all the different moving parts that go into a given service, we are able to avoid passing blame and instead take an approach that produces nearly immediate results.

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