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Business Telephone

We reduce our customer's phone bills by an average of 50% even when coming from other VoIP providers.

Advanced features like chat, SMS, or e-fax and more are also available!

Disaster Recovery

Our custom-built backup and replication solution allows for hourly backups of your operations and critical applications, ready to spin up at a moment's notice.

Our offsite storage rates are some of the lowest in the industry due to our versatile and vendor-agnostic solutions.


We handle all aspects of security to keep your business safe with everything from managed web filtering and ad blocking to anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware.

We also handle physical security, including surveillance camera and security system installation.

Managed IT Services

With our Silent IT program, we actively monitor all the devices that make your business run 24/7 and catch problems before they occur.

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IT Consulting Company providing custom solutions

Many IT companies spend much of their monthly costs on software licensing and paying other companies to rent their expertise and license their software solutions.

We, however, pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the full technology stack. Not only are our engineers trained to troubleshoot a variety of technologies, but we operate most of our infrastructure in-house to save you money.

The bottom line - if you need an IT consulting company that will be in your drop ceiling repairing a faulty cable one day and troubleshooting your custom-built applications the next day, look no further than Hexis Consulting.

Custom Development Tshooting

Industrial Automation Tshooting

Structured Cabling and Repair

IT Planning for Renovation & Construction

Our Team

We are a unique IT consulting company that you can trust. Our Team is an interesting one as it comes from a place that not many IT teams do: the internet. While we have new members joining us all the time, our original core team derives its technical knowledge from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Datacenter world where speed, uptime, and efficiency are king. This background causes us to look at problems in a different way than most do.

How We Save You Money

Old Equipment Trade-In

Hexis Consulting boasts the rare ability to actually buy back working and non-working IT equipment and apply that to the cost of your service.

Equipment Relationships

One of the key ways that we save our customers money is by developing relationships that allow us to obtain new old stock and refurbished equipment from Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. This powerful and well built datacenter-grade equipment can be obtained inexpensively and will last for many years.

Open Source Solutions

Most of our back end infrastructure was built by the ground up by our own engineers using license-free software. Instead of shelling out money to companies with offshore support, we invest the money in our own engineers.

Owning The Clouds

Hexis Consulting has been on the cutting edge of cloud technology since before the advent of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. As such, we have invested in our own private cloud, bringing an extra layer of security and cost savings to everything we do.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Working with Hexis Consulting has been nothing but a spectacular experience.  They guided us on building a server, how to install our network through a 28,000sf warehouse, and even helped us pick out our phones.  They have helped with all of our computer issues, internet service providers, and created custom platforms for our business.  It is safe to say that Hexis Consulting has pushed our business to the next level.  We highly recommend their services, they are superior to the competition."

- Brian, Olympic Supply Company

"Hexis Consulting has guided us through many problems, including recovering our data which we thought was lost, and helping us streamline our business. We make more money with their help than we did before hiring them."

- Ahmad, Pacemaker's Global

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