Report Reveals Board Members’ Cybersecurity Concerns and Talent Shortage in Organizations

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93% of board members are asking about the organization’s cybersecurity protection measures. Ninety percent of leaders prefer to hire people who have certifications in technology, and ninety percent are willing to pay for their employees to get the certification.

More than half of the people who answered the survey (56%) said that it is hard for their organizations to find cybersecurity talent. This is a slight drop from 2021 when 60% of people said the same thing. Most respondents (54%) indicate that retention is also a challenge, a slight increase from 52% last year. 

 In 2022, 53 percent more organizations confirmed five or more breaches than they did in 2021. The report also revealed that not only are breaches becoming more frequent, but they are also becoming more expensive, with 48% of organizations that experienced at least one breach in the past year reporting that the cost of remediation exceeded $1 million. 

If you find your business in the same position, Hexis Consulting is here to help.

We offer virtual CTO services to help small to medium-sized businesses keep cybersecurity plans up to date to make sure that your data and that of your customers are safe.

Along with that, we can help you map out your business by listening to your challenges and pain points to develop a comprehensive strategy to get you where you need to be.

Other services that you will gain through our vCTO program include ERP selection, migration, and implementation, EHR selection, labor cost reduction, digital transformation, vendor management, work-from-home solution rollout, remote work onboarding strategies, budgetary planning, robotic process automation, industrial automation, and more.

We understand the challenges and frustrations that come along with the ever-evolving world of technology and cybersecurity, and we are here to guide you through.

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