Surveillance Station by Synology

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Hexis Consulting is now partnered with Synology to offer you the latest in surveillance technology and support, like Surveillance Station! Synology’s Surveillance Station technology consolidates camera and recording management in one place, offering you a worry-free solution for easily monitoring your business’s most valuable assets.


With motion detection and smart recording, Hexis can set up your cameras to start recording or enhance resolution when motion is detected, saving you tons of storage space.

The mobile app allows you to watch up to six channels at once, adjust cameras remotely, and receive text or push notifications when an event occurs, so you can always ensure that your business is safe -even when on the go.

Not sure if Surveillance Station is right for you? Surveillance Station is compatible with all Synology NAS devices and IP cameras from 130 brands. With easy integration, securely store as many recordings for as long as you want with no recurring fees.

Contact us today to update security for your business!

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