If you had to guess, how many emails do you think you receive on the average workday? And remember, this is your typical day at the office, not a day filled with emergencies where your inbox starts drowning in chaos. 30? 50? 100? The real answer is an average of an eye-watering 121 emails per day. Some of these emails you delete or simply read and move on, but others require you to take action. When faced with this scenario, most people open up their to-do list and start jotting down the tasks for the upcoming day or week. But there’s an easier way of doing it. You can transform a flagged email into a task in Microsoft To Do.

Step 1 – Enabling Flagged Emails in Microsoft To Do

You won’t get anywhere without enabling the feature, so that’s what we need to do first.

  • Sign in to your Office 365 account.
  • Open the Microsoft To Do app in your browser of choice.
  • Navigate to the list menu, then click Flagged Email > Create.

The feature is now enabled, and your flagged emails will appear as tasks in Microsoft To Do.

How to Change the Task Details

Most people have their own logic and style when it comes to to-do lists, and you might not want your tasks to appear identical to how they appear in your inbox.

Your flagged email tasks will appear in the Flagged Email list on the left navigation bar of your Microsoft To Do app. If you click on this list, you can see the details for all flagged emails turned into tasks. Here you can rename the tasks, add them to your day, add steps (subtasks), add a date (a deadline), and more. You can also click the Open in Outlook link to see the original email.

flagged email as task in Microsoft To Do
flagged email as task in Microsoft To Do

Things You Need to Know

Like most powerful features, you need to ensure that certain things align for it to work correctly. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The flagged email list will only show tasks from messages you flagged in the last 30 days. If the flagged email doesn’t require action for several months, you might want to add it manually.
  • It will show a maximum of 100 of your most recent flagged messages. This is unlikely to be a problem for most people, but if you start getting close to 100 flagged email tasks, you might want to clean-up your to-do list.
  • The feature is only available for accounts hosted by Microsoft (Outlook, Hotmail, and Live). It also works for accounts hosted by Microsoft but with custom domains (for example, a business email address hosted through Microsoft).

Not only does using this feature help streamline your work process, but it’s also the best way to keep track of flagged emails that can quickly become overwhelming. If you already use Microsoft for your email and Microsoft To Do to manage your workload, you should be using this feature. If you use Microsoft for email but use a non-Microsoft to-do list app, now is the time to switch to enjoy those time-saving benefits.