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Hexis Backup and Replication

Hourly Local Backups

With our advanced block level backup and replication technology stack, we are able to take local backups of your missions critical applications every hour, or more often as needed.

Fast Recovery

With our onsite replication technology, your data is cloned onto a running machine, which is always ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Cheap and Secure Cloud Backups

Using our private cloud infrastructure and managed IT Services we can offer a private, secure and affordable cloud backup storage, keeping your customer data safe in the event of a disaster.

Why our Solution Shines

Non-Proprietary Expand

Our solutions uses nearly 100% open source software with a setup that is custom built by our engineers. This means that you are not spending half of your bill or more on software licensing costs as with most backup solutions. You pay for backups plain and simple.

The Buck Stops Here Expand

By owning our own backup infrastructure, there is no “blame-shifting” for insufficient backup solution performance.

HIPPA Compliance Expand

Our backup solution meets and exceeds HIPPA Compliance Standards because of it’s secure private nature and it’s ability to quickly restore critical customer data. All Customer data is stored using AES-256 for extra resilience.

No Pricing Shenanigans Expand

Our backup solution has a simple and reliable pricing scheme based on the total amount of data you store. No complex storage “buckets”, upload and download fees, retention fees or other silly licensing shenanigans. Just simple and straightforward.

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