Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Unified Communications / Business Telephone

Hexis Consulting offers versatile, user-friendly Unified Communications and business telephone solutions. The features our solution offers include:

hardware as a service

IP Video Security Cameras

If your business needs a high-quality camera system but doesn’t want to spend thousands, a Hexis Consulting Hardware-as-a-Service package is the answer. By pairing high-quality cameras with flexible NVR options, we can offer quality systems at reasonable prices. With remote and mobile viewing and physical security options like locking enclosures, we can provide your business with robust solutions for your onsite security needs.

While buying an inexpensive camera system from a big box store may seem like an attractive option, most commercial users find that the reliability, longevity, and picture quality are lacking. If you can’t rely on your security system, what’s the point of having it?

Hexis Consulting only installs IP Video cameras, and we use strict firewall policies to prevent hacking. In addition, we install third-party NVR software on our own hardware. By doing so, we avoid exposing any untruth-worthy software components to the internet to protect your network from attack.

By subscribing to our monthly HaaS program service, you also get our support on your security system. Unlike other commercial firms that install your camera system and never touch it again, we provide ongoing support that keeps your system running as it should.

Many inexpensive camera systems leave your office network open to hacking. Ironically, the very systems that are supposed to protect your business can end up doing them harm.

Regular support and maintenance is needed to keep any camera system secure and running effectively. Parts like the hard drive and individual cameras sometimes fail. And regular software updates are necessary to prevent vulnerabilities in your security system to be taken advantage of by hackers.

Deep Discounts on Hardware

Hexis Consulting knows that not every company has the need or budget for brand new phones with all of the latest features. While we do offer many brand new phones with touchscreens and user-facing features as well as new open-box options, we understand that some functionalities can sometimes be unnecessary. Maybe the phone will be placed in a location that is not well suited to an expensive phone, like a shop floor. Hexis Consulting stocks deep discount, lightly used, and refurbished VOIP hardware to meet the needs of your business.

We can provide our customers with options ranging from a $20 basic, $100 nearly new, or a top-of-the-line product with video conferencing and touchscreen capabilities. This sets us apart from the competition and makes many satisfied customers. 

Turn Capex into Opex

As a growing business our self, we know about the struggles of making sure that your growth doesn’t have tax implications that limit you. We offer Hardware as a service so that companies can build a robust IT infrastructure with no capital investment.