Custom Development

Our Custom Development Services Include:

Custom Scripting and Integration

Custom development to integrate and extend internal programs

Update old custom-built software

Move legacy programs into modern web UI

custom development

Security Updates

Includes updates old programs with modern security

Introduce multi-tiered access with limited users

LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS Integration

Manager users across multiple systems

Fast Turnaround

Our US-based developers can get projects turned around quickly.

Guidance from project managers that are part of your normal IT team helps to expedite the process by improving customer communication.

Modern UI Design

We have locally based graphic and UI designers that can assist you in perfecting the perfect design for your workflow.

Our engineers assist in the design process by evaluating your existing workflow and needs when designing your new application to ease user transition.

We provide you with a 100% on-shore staff of custom development experts that will be ready to assist you at any time. Whether you need a complete software update of your current systems or if you simply need the perfect workflow design. We provide the right custom solution tailored for the needs of your business, If you’re looking for a custom development team that you can trust, then contact Hexis Consulting today!