Enterprise VOIP Solutions at a Small Business Price

User-Focused Features

Manage voicemail & Voice Services from mobile app and web interface

Receive calls on your desk phone and cell phone

Change and Display Status from mobile app and web interface

Sync names and Contacts with Microsoft 365 or Gsuite

Integrated Chat

Text Messaging from Mobile App

We Know Legacy Systems

VOIP systems have many benefits ranging from cost savings to more advanced features. But what if you have an existing business that relies on an analog system? Purchasing a commodity VOIP system from one of the many "discount" VOIP ( Business Voice Services )  vendors might get you some new phones and a new service, but it won't help you integrate existing systems or develop a migration plan.

This is where Hexis Consulting comes in. Our staff is trained on both VOIP (Business Voice Services ) and legacy analog systems, meaning we can dissect your current setup and make sure that all of its parts will function properly before existing infrastructure is taken offline for minimal disruption. We can also use hybrid methods in cases where upgrading to a full VOIP system is not the best option. This means we can easily accommodate Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, and large enterprises with existing legacy infrastructure. 

Solutions that Scale

Whether you are dealing with one phone or one thousand phones, Hexis Consulting can design a solution that works for you and your business. Rather than selling cookie-cutter template "bundles" Hexis Consulting focuses on designing engineering specific communication solutions that fit the needs of your business - both now and in the future. Before selling you a solution, we will extensively analyze your communication needs as a business -and your future plans- before prescribing a solution. 

Hexis Consulting has experience with supporting systems that have thousands of endpoints, meanwhile running integrations into third-party customer-specific applications with minimal ongoing maintenance. 


Deep Discounts on Hardware

The ability to provide our customers with options ranging from a $20 basic desk phone to a $100 desk phone that's only a year old to the top of the line desk phones with video conferencing and touchscreen capabilities sets us apart from the competition and makes many satisfied customers. 

Hexis Consulting knows that not every company has the need or budget for brand new phones with all of the latest features. While we do offer many brand new phones with touchscreens and a myriad of user-facing features as well as new open-box options, we understand that some specific functionalities are not needed or the phone will be placed in a location that is not well suited to an expensive phone (like a shop floor). For this reason, Hexis Consulting stocks a multitude of deep discounts, lightly used, and refurbished VOIP hardware.

Unified Communications

Hexis Consulting offers a versatile and user-friendly Unified Communications solution.

With our solutions you can:


See the status of colleagues via a user-friendly web portal - no need to transfer to voicemail.

View PDFs of your faxes directly in your inbox with Fax To Email.

Use your fax machine in conjunction with a web portal and encrypted file transfer with our HTTPs Legacy Fax Solutions.

Utilize Instant Messaging / SMS functionality provided in the web portal, IOS, and the android app.

Click to Call via Chrome and Firefox extension.

Integrations and Advanced Solutions

Hexis Consulting is not only able to provide you with basic telephone service to save your business money while providing you with advanced features. We are also able to introduce creative solutions to make your communication setup work for your workflow. VOIP (Business Voice Services) Solutions provided by Hexis Consulting can easily integrate with common software that your organization already uses such as:


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Teams


Vtiger CRM







Many additional vendors from our growing list


This tight integration enables features like sharing contacts and CRM for caller ID, and automatically opening customer folders when their caller ID is detected as an inbound call. While these integrations are amazingly flexible and can be used to greatly simplify your business workflow, these are not what set us apart.

What sets Hexis Consulting apart is our ability to create custom integrations for your specific needs. Whether this means integrating with a custom in-house built program or a niche industry-specific ERP program, Hexis Consulting can use our custom development resources to get the job done and make your unified communication solution work for you.