How-To 3CX: 3CX Web Client Basics

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So you’re looking for a unified way to manage your business’s communication – The 3CX system is a great choice! With built in video conferencing and live chat, as well as tons of additional unified communications features, a 3CX phone system and 3CX Web Client has everything you need to increase the productivity and flexibility of your business.

That being said, the sheer quantity of the 3CX system’s abilities and features can leave the average user feeling lost and overwhelmed. Once you find yourself accessing the 3CX portal, it can be difficult to know where to start. This is where we, Hexis Consulting, come in to help. With our series “How-To 3CX”, we will cover everything from how to set up your Web Client to utilizing the many convenient conferencing features. In this article, we will cover your Welcome Email and setup, and go over the Web Client’s basic features. Let’s get started!

Getting Started with the Welcome Email

The first step in setting up the 3CX Web Client is to reference your Welcome Email. This will be sent to you upon signup for the service. This email contains important information including your Web Client URL, extension number, extension PIN, as well as your username and password. Once you have all of the needed info, click on the appropriate Web Client link, and use your provided credentials to log in. You are now ready to begin exploring all of the possibilities within your 3CX Web Client! If you have not received your Welcome Email, first check in your Spam folder. If you still do not see it, contact Hexis Consulting for assistance.

3cx welcome email

3CX Basic Functions

Before we begin exploring all of the productivity features that the 3CX system has to offer, need to get familiar with the Web Client’s interface and how to use basic functions that you would find on many modern business telephone systems. In this section, we will be covering basic telephony functionalities of the 3CX Web Client, and how to engage them. These include audio and video calls, call hold, call transfer, and conference calls.

Audio and Video Calling with the 3CX Web Client

The 3CX Web Client’s most important function is the audio and video calling ability. To access this function through the web client, you will need to take a few simple steps. First, go up to the device drop down menu in the top right hand corner. Select Web Client.

3cx web client

Next, click on the keypad icon (right of the search bar), and dial the number you wish to call.

Click Call, and you’re done!

3cx web client audio call

To make a video call, you will follow the same steps and press the video icon button rather than the Call button after dialing.

Make sure the 3CX Web Client application has permission to access your computer’s camera.

3cx web client video call

Placing a Call on Hold

To place a call on hold, simply click the Hold button within the calling keypad.

You will see that the status of the call has changed from “Connected” to “On Hold” and that you are now muted from the receiving line. Click resume to end the hold.

3cx web client hold call

Transferring a Call

To transfer a call, click the Transfer button within the call window. A search bar will appear. You can search for the transferred call’s recipient by name, phone number, or email address. Select the calls recipient from the search bar’s drop-down options or press Enter. Your call will be transferred, and you may hang up.

3cx web client transfer call

To perform an attended call transfer, click the Attended Transfer button within the call window and follow the same steps as above.

3cx web client attended transfer

When you click on the recipient, their number will be dialed. If the recipient picks up the call, you may announce the transferred caller and hang up.

Conference Calling with the 3CX Web Client

There are two ways that you can conduct a conference call within the 3CX Web Client. To schedule a call, select the Schedule Conference tab. Then select the call type: Audio or Video. Enter in your Subject and any message you would like to send to the participants. Then choose which calendar you would like to use to schedule the call. Choosing 3CX (direct email) will allow you to finish the scheduling process within the Web Client, or you can choose your preferred calendar and email client. To schedule through 3CX, select that option under Calendar, and then enter in your participants email addresses below.

3cx web client conference call

No matter which client you select to schedule the call with, you will be provided with the internal dial-in number and PIN to call in with through the 3CX Web Client.

Choosing an external email client will direct you to the selected portal to finish scheduling.

3cx web client conference call outlook
3cx web client conference call gmail

To conference in another caller while on a call, click the Conference button within the call widow. Search for the attendee by name, phone number or email address. Select the attendee to call and add them to your conference call.

3cx web client conference call select participant
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