Virtual CTO

Do you ever feel helpless when dealing with big technology decisions?

Making big changes like implementing ERP, migrating systems, upgrading your secure posture, identifying cost savings and developing strategic technology plans that align with your business goals is nearly impossible for most small to medium sized businesses.

In today's world, technology makes or breaks small business and it's ability to compete in the marketplace, yet it's hard to afford your own technical staff like a fortune 500 company.

That's where we come in.

How can we help you increase efficiency and profit?

When you sign up with Hexis Consulting, we come in to your business, help you develop a comprehensive business process flowchart and map your business out.

We then sit down and listen to your biggest challenges and pain points and develop a comprehensive strategy to get you where you need to be. This could include just about anything. Here are some examples of things we have helped our customers with recently:

  • ERP Selection, Migration and Implementation
  • EHR Selection
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cyber Security Risk Assessments and Upgrades
  • Identifying cost savings from Vendors
  • Simplifying Vendor Management
  • Reducing Labor Cost with Optimization and Automation
  • Work From Home Solution Rollout
  • Developing Remote Work Onboarding Strategies.
  • Budgetary Planning
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Virtual CTO

Your Personal Hexis Consulting CTO Will

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Your Company Gets It's Very own vCTO Assigned to it - They Become a Member of your team.
We take the time to learn the inner workings of your business, understand your goals, and advise on the best strategy to help you achieve them.

We become an indispensable extension of your company.

Why Use a Virtual CTO?

Process. Process. Process. Running a successful business that scales and allows the owners to actually take a vacation requires rock solid business processes. We pride ourselves on our willingness to do a deep dive into your business processes and identify areas of inefficiencies, so you can spend more time and resources on the aspects that will bring you real value.

We are proactive, not reactive. Our virtual CTOs are the experts and will inform you of the best opportunities ahead of time. We will oversee research and development and suggest the best technology strategy.

Modern businesses need modern technology. IT is moving faster than ever, and small businesses stand to gain a lot by engaging the right tools. Our virtual CTOs keep up to date on the latest technology trends, standards, and compliance regulations.

We understand that you’re the experts in your business, and you have a robust understanding of the direction you want to go. Because of this, Hexis Consulting helps but doesn’t intrude. Virtual CTO services are aimed at helping you achieve your objectives without getting in the way.