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At Hexis Consulting, we love to focus on the strategic goals of our customers and improving your business security posture. Most companies focus on the bells and whistles that make your IT operations run behind the scenes - we think that's the boring part. But we will walk you through those bells and whistles nonetheless!
Manage Services

We Keep Tech Running So You Can Make Money!

We offer a full range of IT managed services and
technology support, such as:

Backup Replication & Disaster Recovery

White Glove Onboarding

Patch & Update Management

Remote Device Monitoring & Support

Business Telephone & Unified Communications

Comprehensive Cyber Security

Business Process Automation

We are a part of your Team

When you partner with Hexis Consulting, you lose the hassle of having to deal with your own technical issues and gain a full replacement for an internal IT department. As technology advances, software solutions are becoming easier and easier to implement for the average consumer. This reduces the need for huge internal IT departments to manage servers and infrastructure, but it also opens up new challenges in cybersecurity, planning and process automation for all companies. This means that bigger IT departments may be able to downsize while small companies that did not formerly have much of an IT department will need to start the process of obtaining one.

Hexis Consulting makes a point of becoming an integral part of your team. Whether you are dealing with budgeting for IT, solving business problems or fixing stubborn technical issues, Hexis can help.
We Are Just Extentions

Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle... and Save

If hardware upgrades are necessary, we will buy back your old hardware in addition to any electronic scrap, and safely dispose of it. So, the value of your old hardware will be deducted from any new hardware expenses.

We Love
Open Source

Our engineers have spent years developing custom-crafted solutions, many of which implement open source technologies. Because much of the software we use is open source, we can save you money on support and licensing. Some of the most widely used hardware products on the market – which are frequently resold by managed IT providers – cost hundreds or thousands a year in licensing.
Open Source
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It's Just Us

One thing that we really pride ourselves on is using a minimal set of outside services. This means that we directly or indirectly manage almost every service that your business runs on, whether directly or indirectly. We run our own business telephone, backup, replication, and disaster recovery services as well as our own custom virtualization solution, homegrown ticketing system, and remote access solution. Shortly after partnering as your IT consulting company, we begin systematically cutting your services. From phone to backup, we take them over. And as a result, we reduce your outgoing monthly costs in almost every case.


Are you tired of overpriced monthly IT Managed Service providers that leave your infrastructure neglected, while taking every opportunity to sell you new software and hardware you don’t need? So are we. If there were one value that Hexis Consulting embodies, it is cutting through excessive marketing language and technical jargon to deliver the best possible solution for our customer. We will never sell a customer of ours anything that they don’t need or apply cookie-cutter solutions to a businesses’ unique needs.
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