“Secure Your Business: The Benefits of Investing in Managed IT and Fractional CTO Services”

Small to medium sized businesses are facing an increasingly dangerous and chaotic cyber landscape as hackers are actively searching for vulnerable companies to exploit. In 2020, as businesses were forced to close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the threat of cybercrime has only grown. The latest data from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) shows an astounding 46.4% increase in cybercrime in 2020 compared to 2019.

The alarming rate of cybercrime against small businesses highlights the importance of having a reliable, robust cyber security strategy in place. It is also important for companies to be proactive and invest in managed IT services and fractional CTO services.

Managed IT services can help businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing them with proactive networks and systems management, which includes monitoring, patching, and updating. This type of service helps reduce the risk of a malicious attack and can keep your business secure.

In addition, fractional CTO services can help businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing them with experienced, technical advice. A fractional CTO can help business owners understand the complexities of today’s tech world and offer expertise in terms of selecting the right technology and implementing security protocols. Fractional CTOs are also great for developing strategies for staying ahead of the competition – something that is especially important given the current competitive digital landscape.

Unfortunately, many small businesses lack the resources to properly invest in the cyber security needed to protect their data and intellectual property. By hiring a managed security provider, businesses can rest assured that their data is secure and they are compliant with industry standards. Managed security providers offer 24/7 monitoring of networks, systems, and data, as well as incident response and breach prevention solutions.

Fractional CTOs can also help businesses make the transition to the cloud by providing insight into the various cloud solutions available and helping to determine which is best for their needs. By understanding the advantages and drawbacks of the various cloud solutions, businesses can ensure they make the right choice for their organization.

The reality is that cyber security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and businesses must be proactive in order to protect their data. Investing in managed IT services and fractional CTO services is a great way for small and medium-sized businesses to stay ahead of the curve and protect their data. These services help businesses stay secure and compliant with industry standards, as well as stay ahead of the competition. As the threat of cybercrime continues to rise, it is imperative that businesses act now to secure their data and invest in managed security, IT services, and fractional CTO services.

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