Industry Solutions

Hexis Consulting has extensive experience with many line of business, ERP and Industry applications ranging from the smallest niche to large configurable systems.
  • JobBoss
  • M1
  • PFC Amariko
  • BlueStreak
  • Odoo
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SAP Business One
  • Oracle Netsuite

We also have extensive experience with custom development and deciphering whatever old program your shop manager made in 2006 that's still being used and getting it into a modern operational system.
Manufacturing Illustration
Bluestreak Dark
Sap Business One
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Process First

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Computer-integrated manufacturing
  • Digital manufacturing
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Job shop manufacturing
  • Material requirements planning
  • Advanced planning and scheduling
We Support the Unique Challenges Of Every Type Of Manufacturing:
  • Original equipment manufacturing (OEM)
  • Original design manufacturing (ODM)
  • Electronics manufacturing service (EMS)
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Auto manufacturers
  • Textile manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Lumber Milling and Processing
Secure Manufacturing
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Secure Manufacturing

Manufacturers have become one of the most significant targets of Cyber Crime for US businesses. Due to the nature of manufacturing, where hundreds of small to medium sized manufacturers might be involved in the building of a part, it creates a great vector of attack for Cyber Criminals to infiltrate the supply chain.
Industry 4.0 and IOT devices are also particularly vulnerable. As operational technology increasingly merges with information technology to deliver efficiency and analytics, the security issues associated with it also increase significantly.
Not only do you need to protect your internal assets, cloud data and on premise documents, you need to be worried about becoming a launching point for Cyber Attacks against your customers and vendors.
We also have resources available for CMMC, ITAR, GDPR and many other compliance frameworks should your organization need to meet any of those requirements.

Automate Manufacturing

Any company that is not working to optimize and automate their business process will eventually be left behind. This means everything from sales workflows, marketing and administrative work to full blown industrial automation.
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Aligning your business processes and strategic goals with your technology solutions is a pre-requisite step to implementing any automation or process optimization and it's nearly impossible to do this effectively without having a resource that can help you map out your business process, identify pain points and then help build and implement the appropriate solutions to solve the problem.

Once we work with your administrative team to nail down your process, we will start to identify the pain points and bottlenecks in your operational processes and work with you to prescribe solutions to the problems and inefficiencies that we find.
From there we can start to select the correct technology solutions to solve your problems - whether that's guiding you through ERP selection, finding a new Line of Business application, updating your technology infrastructure to support easier sharing of data or even implementing a full blown robotic industrial automation solution that integrates with your software to reduce labor costs and deliver useful key performance indicators.

Maintain Manufacturing

This is the boring part - we know. "Managed IT" has become a commoditized term for "the computer guy".

At Hexis Consulting, we separate ourselves from the simple "task executors" by coupling our managed it services with the Strategic Planning and Cyber Security portions of our stack. This means that systems maintenance and upgrade projects are done with a forward looking focus on strategic goals and automation as well as security.

Nowadays, there are so many frequent updates to everything from the Zoom application that you use for conferences, to your accounting software to your PDF reader application that it's not uncommon to receive 30 updates a week for various applications, many of which contain zero day exploits that need immediate patching with serious consequences if it's not done right away.

Accompanying this myriad of applications, vulnerabilities and updates is an absolute deluge of event logs, many of which produce unnecessary information and some of which contain important security and troubleshooting information.
We implement systems and automation to sift through all of this data, find what's important and get it resolved. We also have the expertise to help troubleshoot and resolve issues with manufacturing specific IT Maintenance issues. We pride ourselves on the ability to: