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You protect your clients and do whatever it takes to present them with the best possible representation.

Whether it’s civil litigation, criminal defense, or anything in between, you go to bat for your clients.

So do we.

Don’t undo the good work you’ve done for your clients with a data breach that puts all their sensitive data at risk.

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Always Compliant

  • Bankruptcy attorneys
  • Business attorneys
  • Criminal defense attorneys
  • Estate planning attorneys
  • Family law attorneys
  • Immigration attorneys
  • Intellectual property attorneys
  • Litigation attorneys
  • Personal injury attorneys
  • Real estate attorneys

Law Firms We Support

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“…the data security threat is so high that law enforcement officials regularly divide business entities into two categories: those that have been hacked and those that will be.” The same is likely the case for law firms.



The legal industry has long been burdened with arduous paperwork as an obstacle to success in the court room.

As time has progressed, firms that have the ability to process data more quickly than others tend out out-compete others in the marketplace and require fewer paralegals and administrative staff per attorney. 

Hexis Consulting is well versed in a number of solutions that allow us to identify bottlenecks in your firm and prescribe the correct technologies to improve your operations.

We also have experience implementing legal automation suites like Clio.



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You have clients to represent.

Court dates to attend.

Paperwork to be filed.

We understand. The last thing that you need is to come back from a long day of doing your job, only to find that some piece of technology, whether a simple annoyance or a major system, is offline or non-functional.

We run on a flat rate, unlimited monthly hours model – that means that we are always there to help and that we want problems just as little as you do.

We keep your tech running, while you run the business.