How To Use Microsoft Teams Push To Talk

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Most regular users of the Microsoft Teams calling faeture have come across a common problem – unwanted background noise. Most online conferencing tools tend to enable the mic by default during a call session. This can promote collaboration by allowing users to speak up whenever they have something to say, but it can also lead to a noisy and distracting call experience. Microsoft Teams is no exception here.

Of course, there is a solution to this problem. Users can manually mute their mic when they’re not speaking and un-mute it when it’s their turn to speak. However, this solution isn’t ideal either. Anyone who has spent considerable time in Microsoft Team calls (and who hasn’t over the last year?) will be familiar with the pitfalls of this solution. You ask someone to speak and hear silence. You realize that person is probably talking, but they’re still on mute. And the opposite is also a frequent occurrence. You’re talking away and hear someone munching on chips in the background because they forgot to mute.

But there is another option; Microsoft Teams Push To Talk, otherwise called the Walkie Talkie approach.

Push To Talk (PTT) functionality has been in the works for Microsoft Teams since 2017, with many users calling for its inclusion. Now in 2021, users finally have a way to use this feature, if they know how to find it.

Here’s how to enable Push To Talk (Walkie Talkie) on Microsoft Teams:

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